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Our goal is to increase the bond between a buyer
and your property, to help you sell for top dollar.


Selling a home is not just a big financial move, but an emotional one as well.  It’s important to have the support of a qualified and involved real estate agent to help guide you through the process. I see real estate as more than a business of selling homes; it’s a people business where building strong and trusting relationships is important. My goal is to exceed your expectations while providing you with a professional and “hands-on” experience.


Here are some of the things you can expect from me while we list your home for sale…


Pricing. Prior to marketing your home, I will work hard to provide you with relevant market data so that we can develop an effective pricing strategy to bring your home to the market.


Presentation. With my background in design and experience preparing homes for market, we will work together to prepare YOUR home for its big debut!


Marketing. Preparing your home for market will include a thorough marketing system that will give your home maximum exposure to potential buyers. Your marketing plan will be custom tailored to your property and needs. In addition, after your home hits the market, I will continue to provide updated market data and marketing activity reports (or "report cards" as I like to call them). Contact me for a more in depth review of how I go about marketing a home. 


Receiving offers. As a Dilbeck sales partner, I am focused on representing your best interests during negotiations with potential Buyers. I will work with you to analyze and sort through offers, and help you respond to those offers that need a bit of “tweaking” to bring them to terms that you are comfortable with.


Working for you. My job will continue throughout the process to guide the escrow, monitor and check all aspects of the transaction. If you need me to hold your hand through the process, I’m here to do so!   


For a market evaluation of your home, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me; this is always a complimentary service of mine. I have also provided resources here for you to compare properties that are active, pending and sold in your neighborhood. 

“The photography and collateral materials Kimberly and Matthew provided were beyond beautiful and we couldn't have been happier with the two of them and the results they provided.” 

– Annette and Gustavo, Los Angeles


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