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Who Pays What?

A Guide to 

Closing Costs


The Seller can generally be expected to pay for:


  • Standard CLTA owner’s title insurance

  • Real estate commission

  • Document preparation fee for deed

  • Documentary transfer tax ($1.10 per $1,000.00 of sales price)

  • Any city transfer/conveyance tax (according to contract)

  • Homeowner’s transfer fee

  • Any FHA or VA loan fees required by Buyer’s Lender

  • Payoff of all loans in Seller’s name (or existing loan balance if being assumed by Buyer)

  • Interest accrued to Lender being paid off, statement fees, reconveyance fees and any prepayment penalties.

  • Termite inspection (according to contract)

  • Termite work (according to contract)

  • Home warranty (according to contract)

  • Any judgment, tax liens, etc. against the Seller

  • Recording changes to clear all documents of record against Seller

  • Tax pro-ration (for any taxes unpaid at time of transfer of title)

  • Any unpaid Homeowner’s dues

  • Any bonds or assessments (according to contract)

  • Any and all delinquent taxes

  • Notary fees

  • Escrow fee

  • Seller’s portion of sub-escrow fee

  • Demand fees



The Buyer can generally be expected to pay for:


  • Title insurance premiums (ALTA loan policy)

  • Escrow fee

  • Document preparations (if applicable)

  • Notary fee

  • Recording changes for all documents in Buyer’s name(s)

  • Termite inspection (according to contract)

  • Tax proration (for date of acquisition)

  • All new loan charges (except those required by Lender for Seller to pay)

  • Inspection fees (roofing, property inspection, geological, etc.)

  • Home warranty (according to contract)

  • Fire insurance premium for the first year

  • Buyer’s portion of sub-escrow fee

  • Escrow loan tie-in fee

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