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Bordered by the San Gabriel Mountains and Pasadena, Altadena is one of the oldest communities in the San Gabriel Valley. Altadena has a rich history, sharing many of its cultural characteristics with neighboring Pasadena.  Both Pasadena and Altadena were developed around the same time, however, Altadena primarily a residential community, without a city center.  Altadena is also part of the Pasadena School District and remains unincoporated as part of Los Angeles County.

Altadena Today

Today, Altadena offers affordable housing, with a dramatic San Gabriel Mountain backdrop.  In addition to some impressive estates, enjoy Altadena Country Club, easy access to hiking in Angeles National Forest, Altadena public golf course,  and all within a reasonable commute to Downtown Los Angeles.

Bit of History

Like many of the neighborhoods outside of Los Angeles, Altadena started as an agricultural community.  In the late 1800's, several East Coast millionaires began developing properties along Mariposa Street.  John P. Woodbury, one of those millionaires, planted a large amount of Deodar Trees for what was to lead to a great estate. The estate was never built, but today the street is well known as "Christmas Tree Lane" and hosts one of the most impressive Christmas lighting displays in America.

Where to Hike

Located at the base of Angeles Crest National Forest, there's no doubt that Altadena has its fair share of hiking trails.  I recently explored the trails at the Cobb Estate, which is located at the very north end of Lake Avenue.  It is a great spot for a quick workout during your day since switch backs and semi steep inclines early on in the hike and get your stride right into gear.  The grounds are fairly exposed to the sun, so make sure you wear sun protection.  While there, you will see some decent views of Altadena but you won't see much of the Cobb Estate, as not much is left aside from a few remnants of the foundation.  Fun fact: The Cobb Estate is known as the "Haunted Forest," so I can't say I'd encourage a late night hike there.

Some other trails to check out:
• Eaton Canyon Falls:
1750 N Altadena Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91107
• Rubio Canyon:
Pleasantridge Dr. AND Rubio Vista Rd.
The trail head runs along the side of a house.

Utility Information





Lincoln Avenue Water Company: (626) 798-9101 LINK
as Flores Water District: (626) 797-1138 LINK
Rubio Canyon Land & Water Association: (626) 797-0509 LINK



Southern California Gas Company (to setup service only):

(877) 238-0092 LINK



Athens Services: (888) 336-6100 LINK



Please contact phone and cable companies for possible services at your address.

Possible services in the area:
· AT&T U-verse:
· Spectrum:
· DISH Network:

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